Science Determines The Most And Least Attractive James Bond Actors

A scientific study has determined who the most-attractive James Bond actor is and it’s good news for Sean Connery.

Using the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – the study used a facial mapping technique pioneered by the ancient Greeks to measure “physical perfection” – we now know who the most and least attractive actors to ever portray 007 are.

The technique showed that Connery came closest to the Greeks’ idea of perfection, in 1964’s “Goldfinger, scoring an 89.2 per cent on the beauty scale. The Scottish actor, who was 34 at the time, has the most symmetrical face and geometrically perfect chin of all the Bond actors, barely besting the late Roger Moore who came in second at 88.8 per cent.

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While Connery came out on top, it’s not so good news for our most-recent 007, Daniel Craig, who finished last.

Craig’s rugged good looks, thin lips, wide face and nose don’t match up with the ancient Greek beauty ideal. The 49-year-old blue-eyed Brit came in last place with 84.2 per cent.

Coming in third on the list with 86.5 per cent was Timothy Dalton who won points for a near-perfect nose, but lost points for his chin. Fourth on the list is Pierce Brosnan with 85.3 per cent who wins points for his nose but loses when it comes to poorly-spaced eyes. He’s closely followed by George Lazenby at 85.2 per cent who has the best lips of all the Bonds but was let down by an unsymmetrical nose.

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But even James Bond can’t beat George Clooney.

The “Up In The Air” actor is the most-handsome male celebrity in the world according to the Phi ratio, scoring a 91.86 per cent.

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