A captivating Anne Hathaway drapes herself in luscious shades of red for InStyle’s fall fashion issue, where she opens up about “the media, girl power and what’s next.”;

Back on the big screen next month alongside Robert De Niro in “The Intern,”; Hathaway explains that she’s done pretending to be someone else. “There was a stretch of my life when I wasn’t comfortable being myself. I didn’t think I was good enough. So I pretended to be someone I wasn’t,”; she admits. “To be a person in the spotlight, I pretended to be someone who could be in the spotlight. I’m so over that now.”;

She adds, “I just try to be my best self all the time, with some notable late-night lapses.”

The actress also reflects on the Hatha-haters she was up against during her 2013 awards season. She now deals with the intense scrutiny by taking control of her inner dialog. “For a very long time I felt I was being hunted, and it made me very unhappy,”; Hathaway shares. “But in the past few years I’ve been working on changing the script inside my head.”;