Meghan Markle Laughs Off Endeavour Awards Mix-Up As Nominations Speech Goes Hilariously Wrong

Meghan Markle was all smiles as she made her way to the Endeavour Awards in London with Prince Harry on Thursday, but things went rather pear-shaped as she went solo to present an award on stage.

Markle, 36, presented an array of awards at the ceremony, which celebrates the achievements of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, but one of the speeches didn’t go entirely to plan.

Markle read her introduction with ease, however, when it was her co-presenter’s turn to speak, he got rather flustered and couldn’t find where he needed to start reading from.

He asked Markle: “Excuse me – we’ve got different notes. I have the first one – do you have the second one?”

Ever the professional, Prince Harry’s fiancee then replied: “I’ve got mine, hang on.”

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Despite the seconds ticking by and the duo getting no further, Markle, who looked as stunning as ever in a black Alexander McQueen suit and white blouse, eventually started giggling as she attempted to help the man in question.

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Luckily, the audience also saw the funny side, with them giving the presenter a round of applause when he eventually started to read out the nominations.

Watch Markle handle the situation like a pro in the clip above.

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