‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Don’t Know A Thing About Football And Alex Trebek Is Not Impressed

“Jeopardy!” contestants are usually full of trivial knowledge but, coming up on the Super Bowl this weekend, it turns out they don’t know much about America’s biggest sporting event.

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On Thursday’s episode of the long-running game show, the three contestants were confronted with the category “Talkin’ Football” and not one of them was able to get a single question right, often with no one even bothering to buzz in.

The awkwardness continued right through to the end of the round when all that was left was the $1,000 answer in the football-related category.

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“Let’s look at the $1,000 clue, just for the fun of it,” Trebek joked, a little exasperated. “If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die.”

Twitter, of course, couldn’t get enough of watching the contestants totally flop on the football category.

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