Joel Kinnaman Spent 2 Days ‘Buck Naked’ Covered In Goo For Sci-Fi Series ‘Altered Carbon’

Sci-fi fans have been waiting with bated breath for “Altered Carbon”. The intriguing new Netflix series that debuts Friday is set in a dystopian future in which technology has created a form of immortality by allowing human consciousness to be transferred from one body to another .

For star Joel Kinnaman, the high-profile series did not come without sacrifices.

“I spent the first two days buck naked in front of 250 people I just met,” Kinnaman explained to E! News. “So, I’ve never done that before.”

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In the scene in question, Kinnaman’s character is “re-sleeved” as his consciousness gets transferred into a new body, which required him to be not just naked, but also covered in a thick, gelatinous goo.

“I don’t know what it was, but it was strange because when they put that goo on, the skin stopped breathing,” said Kinnaman. “So it was hot like a sauna in that room and I was buck naked, but I had that goo all over so I was freezing because the skin didn’t get any oxygen. It was really weird…”

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“That’s why they didn’t show everything,” joked his co-star James Purefoy. “He was hung like a raisin in that scene.”

“Altered Carbon” debuts Friday, February 2.

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