Kylie Minogue Speaks Out After Winning ‘Kylie’ Trademark Battle Against Kylie Jenner

After a legal battle and victory against Kylie Jenner who tried trademarking the name “Kylie,” Kylie Minogue is speaking out about her win.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the “Dancing” singer, 49, opened up about why she decided to fight back. “I’ve never met Kylie Jenner. I’ve never met any member of the family – actually, I’ve met Kendall just in passing at a fashion event – but I honestly don’t know them. It’s awkward because fans get so loyal and vocal, and we love that! But it was nothing personal at all, I’m at pains to say,” she said.

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“Trademark is long, it’s boring, it’s expensive, and it’s really important. I’ve been doing that for years and years,” she continued. “It was just causing confusion with customers. As long as it’s clear, then we can all win. What was upsetting to me was that there was – they attributed a quote to me…”

The quote stated that Jenner was “a secondary reality television personality who appeared on the television series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ as a supporting character.”

But Minogue refuted, “Can you imagine me saying that?!”

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She says she hopes Jenner and her fans will understand it’s just lawyer talk, “That was just unfortunate that that is how those lawyers speak. So I genuinely hope that it’s understood: That certainly did not come from me. Good news is, that’s all wrapped up, we didn’t have to go to court. That’s all done. And I’m sure I’ll meet them one day.”

She added, “The weird thing is, in America, when I am there, they would never introduce me just as “Kylie”; it’s still “Kylie Minogue.” It took so long for people to get my name in the first place. “Kyle?” “No, Kyle-E!”



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