Pink Performs U.S. National Anthem To Perfection At Super Bowl LII

Pink’s performance of the U.S. national anthem at Super Bowl LII was all about patriotism.

There were concerns about Pink’s ability to take centre stage, as she was suffering from the nasty flu. The “What About Us” singer trekked on, however, and performed to a pre-recorded singing of the national anthem, as is mandated for the Super Bowl.

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In true Pink fashion, the singer pulled out what many believed to be a piece of gum from her mouth just before the anthem started at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Sunday.

But Pink made it clear she was not tossing out gum, rather getting rid of a throat lozenge meant to remedy a symptom of her flu.

Questions were raised over whether NFL players would use the platform of the Super Bowl to make a political statement during the anthem. NBC said they would show any players that took a knee, sat on the bench, or raised a fist, but none were visible.

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The songstress rocked a metallic silver jacket with a white-and-grey camo shirt and white trousers and posed with her six-year-old daughter, Willow.

Feeling feisty, the singer bit back at a now-deleted Twitter comment saying she sucked.

Social media was blown away by Pink’s performance, with fellow celebrities like Sheryl Crow, Ashley Tisdale, and even Sean Spicer cheering her on.

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