Lindsay Lohan recently moved to Dubai, and while there she’ll be hopping over to Saudi Arabia to star in an “all-female” film from the Middle Eastern nation.

In a new interview with W Magazine the “Mean Girls” star talks about leaving her life in New York behind and venturing out on her own to find herself.

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“The time that I really valued in my most recent years was when I just switched off on everyone in my life, and went on a limb to Turkey and just threw myself into understanding what was going on,” she explains. “No one even knew that I was there until I had gone already, which was the best part. That was a leap of faith, and a blessing in disguise. It changes people, especially when you go alone.”

She says moving to Dubai after living in London has also had a huge positive effect on her life.

“I felt so relieved when I moved everything over from London to Dubai and I saw everything in one place,” the 31-year-old adds. “Now I don’t have to open suitcases and live out of hotels and bags. Everything is where it should be. It’s a cleansing of your head, which is what I needed, and it took me a while to do it.”

Lohan hasn’t completely left her old life behind. Along with her upcoming beauty brand, the actress is also set to appear alongside Rupert Grint in the new season of the British sitcom “Sick Note”. She’s also got another special film project coming up that she can’t wait to start shooting in April: a Saudi Arabian film she describes as “all-female.”

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“To do an all-female project [in Saudi Arabia] is a milestone,” Lohan says. “Everything happens for a reason. I would have never expected to do a movie at this time that I have such a say in, and coming out of Shadi, Riyadh, and Abu Dhabi. I feel lucky.”