James Corden Takes Method Acting To A New Level In ‘Peter Rabbit’ Skit

James Corden is looking for an Oscar nod with his performance in the new “Peter Rabbit” film.

The lead voice actor for the upcoming animated film, Corden explained how “the part becomes all-consuming” in a sketch on “The Late Late Show”.

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Like all great method actors — Robert De Niro, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Marlon Brando — Corden went to great lengths to embody his character. “When I got offered the role of Peter Rabbit, I didn’t just want to play the rabbit, I wanted to be the rabbit,” said the late-night host.

His “Peter Rabbit” co-stars Margot Robbie and Domhnall Gleeson also made appearances in the skit, witnessing the increasingly unhinged behaviour of Corden.

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Corden ultimately had a method-acting meltdown. “I wasn’t surprised,” said Robbie. “I mean, when you exist solely on a diet of carrots, lettuce, and tree bark for six months, eventually you’re gonna break.”

“Peter Rabbit” hops into theatres Friday, February 9.

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