If You Slow Down Adele’s Voice She Becomes Sam Smith — Or At Least That’s What Twitter Is Saying

A Twitter user has made a fascinating sonic discovery that begs the question: Are Adele and Sam Smith actually the same person?

That’s the question that emerged after @jesse21valona posted a video on Twitter in which Adele’s “Hello” was playing on a turntable. When the turntable speed was slowed down just enough, Adele suddenly began to sound a whole lot like the “Stay With Me” singer.

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The tweet, posted on Monday, has so far been liked more than 156,000 times and been retweeted over 72,000 times.

Meanwhile, the vocal comparison has also led to the creation of a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory that Adele and Sam Smith are one and the same, which led to no end of silliness throughout the Twitterverse.

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