Alexander Skarsgard Calls Out Hollywood For ‘Disgusting’ Double Standard

Alexander Skarsgard is speaking up about inequality in Hollywood, declaring that he’s noticed a double standard when it comes to how men and women are treated in the entertainment industry.

“There is a double standard [in the film industry],” Skarsgard said in a recent interview with Elle UK, reports E! News. “I notice that with actress friends of mine. And it’s disgusting. It’s not a problem that’s specific to Hollywood. I think you see this in many professions, where men in power think they’re entitled. So these women are very brave to talk about it, and I do believe it will fundamentally change things.”

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The native of Sweden credits the progressive views of his homeland for his enlightened views on feminism.

“I’m 100 per cent feminist,” said the 41-year-old “Big Little Lies” star. “Sweden is very progressive. In terms of equal rights, I think it’s ahead of most countries.”

You can read Skarsgard’s entire interview when the March edition of Elle UK hits newsstands on February 7.

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