Sarah Jessica Parker And Jimmy Fallon Can’t Keep A Straight Face In ‘Mad Lib Theatre’

Jimmy Fallon has an adorable tendency to break character and chuckle during skits, but his infectious laughter has Sarah Jessica Parker reeling too.

The two funny stars went on a dinner date in Fallon’s hilarious “Tonight Show” segment “Mad Lib Theatre”.

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“This is a great time on this date tonight, ‘Popeye,’” Parker told Fallon after establishing the random words used in the skit.

The actress, 52, talked about her childhood travelling to “Greece for kayaking,” and how she moved to “Bob’s Big Boy.”

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Neither star could maintain their composure, often breaking character with laughing fits only adding to the scene’s funny atmosphere. The crowd ate up the segment, laughing out loud with the actress and the late-night talk show host throughout.

SJP’s visit to “The Tonight Show” set also included discussions about her hit HBO show “Divorce” and, somewhat ironically, her 21-year-long marriage to actor Matthew Broderick.

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