Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Revamped Amid #MeToo Movement

Sports Illustrated magazine is shifting gears in honour of the #MeToo movement. In the all-new coveted Swimsuit Edition, different standards of beauty are being celebrated.

This year, the issue will include more participation from athletes, written contributions from models, more donations and causes, and most importantly, empowerment.

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The #MeToo message will be clear throughout this issue, with Sports Illustrated making it known this new and improved version will be about women celebrating more than just their bodies with its new In Her Own Words project.

“It’s about allowing women to exist in the world without being harassed or judged regardless of how they like to present themselves,” said editor MJ Day to Vanity Fair. “That’s an underlying thread that exists throughout the Swimsuit Issue. You have Harvard graduates, you have billion-dollar moguls, you have philanthropists, you have teachers, you have mothers – you have a full range of women represented in the alumnus of this magazine, and not one of them failed because they wore a bikini.”

The mag’s core team, which is made up entirely by women, decided now was the right time for this change to happen. “I’m thrilled that this movement is going on because I feel like it’s going to change things for the better,” she said.

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“Everybody had a different person that they related to or thought was the most exciting,” Day continued. “Those people were dark, light, big, small, tall, thin – it was not one type of person. I always carried that with me… Why are we only saying to ourselves that there’s just one type of person that’s worthy of being celebrated? It’s bulls**t, and we all know it, and we all live it, yet it’s continued to be propagated in the media.”

The 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition will be available on newsstands next week.

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