Justin Trudeau Backtracks On ‘Peoplekind’ Comment, Calls It A ‘Dumb Joke’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clarified his “peoplekind” remark Wednesday morning, after receiving backlash from several media outlets.

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While in Ottawa, Trudeau told media that the comment was just a “dumb joke,” which seems to have gone viral.

“I made a dumb joke a few days ago that seems to have gone a little viral in the room on the ‘peoplekind’ comment,” he said.

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The prime minister’s controversial comment came last week during his Edmonton town hall when he interrupted a woman who used the term “mankind” in a question.

“We like to say ‘peoplekind,’ not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive,” Trudeau said.

The woman was asking Trudeau to look into conservative religious policies.

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“Maternal love is going to change the future of mankind,” the woman said.

Trudeau’s comment resulted in cheers from the audience but drew ire from conservative media outlets in the U.S. and U.K.

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“Fox and Friends” was among the programs that played the footage of Trudeau. British media personality Piers Morgan also wrote about the remark, sarcastically saying, “Mankind ended last night.”

Morgan’s piece criticized Trudeau as the most “touchy-feely Prime Minister in the history of world politics.”

“He marched at Canada’s version of Gay Pride, he’s pro-choice on abortion, pro legalizing marijuana and pro just about anything else that he thinks might win him the hearts of global liberals,” the opinion piece continued.

The Opposition Conservatives also got in a few jabs, with deputy Tory leader Lisa Raitt urging the prime minister to “person up” during a testy exchange in the House of Commons.

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On Wednesday, Trudeau said that the joke “played well in context” of the setting — but not out of context.

“It’s a little reminder to me that I shouldn’t be making jokes even when I think they’re funny,” he said.

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— With files from Global News reporter Rebecca Joseph, The Canadian Press 

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