Tom Hiddleston And Maisie Williams Reveal Weird Facts About Themselves In Game Of ‘Trivia Buster’

Maisie Williams and Tom Hiddleston revealed some rather bizarre facts about themselves as they chatted to BBC Radio 1 while promoting their new movie “Early Man”.

Williams, 20, and Hiddleston, 36, were faced with an array of IMDb trivia “facts” and told to say whether they were true.

The duo ended up confirming that most of the statements were, in fact, correct, but Williams did deny that her “favourite guilty pleasure movie” was “John Tucker Must Die”.

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Other questions included whether Hiddleston suffers from selachophobia (a fear of sharks) and if his eyes really do water involuntarily when he gets a little bit “spooked.”

Williams laughed, “Is that not just called crying?”

However, the actor insisted: “Imagine for a second you find yourself lost in the woods. For some people the hairs on the back of their neck might stand up, for me it’s an involuntary eye-watering situation.”

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The interview also saw Williams admit to owning tortoises — one of which is blind — as well as saying her family previously had 13 dogs before she was born.

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