Jared Leto is growing quite a long beard, but he may have reason to shave it soon.

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The 46-year-old actor and singer was a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday, and the host couldn’t help noticing his amazing beard.

“I’m unemployed,” Leto joked about his reason for growing it.

“Maybe this will get you employed,” DeGeneres responded. “If they do a movie about Jesus, you should be Jesus.”

Leto explained that he has been looking for an excuse to shave off the beard. “I have 15 days left to finish the album I’ve been working on for five years,” he said. “So I thought maybe cut it at the end of the album. Or maybe sooner. If our brand new song got to 10 million streams maybe I would just take a machete to the thing and get rid of it.”

The song “Dangerous Night” from his band 30 Seconds to Mars is currently at three million streams after debuting last week, and Leto implored the audience to help him out by streaming the song so he could get rid of the beard.

“Okay, don’t do it with a machete, though,” DeGeneres told him. “They sell buzzers. They sell razors and stuff.”

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Leto also took the opportunity to make an announcement. 30 Seconds to Mars are heading out on its “biggest, most ambitious, craziest tour ever today” and that everyone in DeGeneres’ audience was getting free tickets to their concert at the L.A. Forum.