In a Canadian exclusive, Jane Krakowski talks motherhood, Tina Fey as her boss and shooting Season 2 of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” with ET Canada at an event for a good cause in New York City.

The actress kicked-off a Pampers Cruisers Sag To Swag Tour in the Big Apple, which will hit five cities in the United States and donate 20,000 diapers to new moms.

Now a mother herself, Krakowski tells us, “I was so happy that they were making so many donations of diapers to people in need across the country. I couldn’t imagine, as a mom, not being able to diaper my child or struggle to be able to purchase diapers, so it’s a wonderful thing that they’re doing.”

She starts shooting Season 2 of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Monday and she promises they will “be picking up with all of the cliffhanger endings that you saw in the last episode and I’m so excited by it.”

Krakowski says she is appreciative of having had her “brilliant” boss and fellow working mom, Tina Fey, for the last 10 years. “There’s sort of a hand to hand understanding of what those schedules are like,” she explains. “I guess I come to work with a little more joy.”

Krakowski and Fey certainly find a lot of joy together, like creating the viral video of them lip syncing Beyonce’s “Flawless” with co-star Tituss Burgess on a private jet! “It was the most fun flight I’d ever taken,” Krakowski laughs. “But honestly, we were just fooling around, we had no idea anyone would see it!”

Well, from the Emmy-winning “Ally McBeal”, to four Emmy nominations for “30 Rock”, and another Emmy nomination this year for “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, it’s clear audiences love having Krakowski make them laugh and she’s very happy she keeps getting handed such great roles.

“I’ll never be asked to do the stuff they ask me to do anywhere else. It’s not lost on me,” she says. “There’s not one day it’s not lost on me. I’m so appreciative of it everyday.”