Meghan Trainor Shoots Wild Slow-Motion Music Video Live On ‘Late Late Show’

“The Late Late Show with James Corden” has always had a knack for creativity.

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Need an example? Look no further than their new “Speed It Up, Slow It Down” segment with singer Meghan Trainor.

Corden and Reggie Watts played background performers for Trainor, who lip-synced to her song “Me Too” live onstage. But wait, there was a catch! Trainor, 24, had to perform the song at a nearly incomprehensible 250 per cent speed, so the live music video could later be slowed down.

The end effect was added where Trainor’s lips moved in real time with the original unaltered song while everything around her appeared in slow motion.

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The three stars struck a fierce pose to cap off the live visuals for “Me Too”.

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