Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Gets Slammed Over ‘Lowest Livable Weight’ Article

Gwyenth Paltrow’s Goop has received plenty of negative reaction for everything from dubious product claims to allegedly unhealthy diet advice, and now the lifestyle brand is taking heat in the Twitterverse over an article that focused on achieving one’s “lowest livable weight.”

The article — titled “Busting Diet Myths” — features a Q&A with Traci Mann, PhD, who is asked to define “leanest livable weight” and explain how to “determine this number for yourself.”

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Responding to the question, Dr. Mann writes: “Your ‘leanest livable weight’ is the weight at the low end of your ‘set range.’ Your set range is a genetically determined range of weight that your body generally keeps you in, despite your efforts to escape it. If your weight is below that range, biological changes due to calorie deprivation happen, and generally push you back into your set range. However, if you stay within your set range — at the lower end of it — you should be able to maintain that weight without your body making those negative changes.”

She continues: “While there is no scientific formula to determine one’s set weight range, if you’ve noticed that your body keeps coming back to a certain weight, that’s generally around the middle of it. It’s likely around what you weigh when you are eating sensibly — without dieting or binge eating, and when you aren’t engaging in tons of exercise.”

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She then urges women to “embrace” whatever that weight happens to be. “For many of us, our leanest livable weight is heavier than our dream weight,” she adds. “I urge people to aim for their leanest livable weight, rather than below it. Embrace it — it’s where your body wants you to be, it’s easy to maintain, and you can be healthy there. Since this weight is within your set weight range — where your body tries to keep you — the only reason you would need to diet is if you’re currently well above that range. Otherwise, using sensible strategies should get and keep you there.”

Although the article actually promotes health over being thin, it was immediately hit with backlash by those who disagreed with the phrase “lowest livable weight,” assuming it meant the skinniest one can be while remaining alive. Check out this sample of tweets slamming Goop:

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