YouTube Suspends Ads On Logan Paul’s Channels Over ‘Damaging Pattern Of Behaviour’

Logan Paul just lost a big source of income.

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The YouTuber, who has been embroiled in controversy over the last few months, has now had all ads on his channels temporarily suspended by the video-hosting site.

Variety reports the decision by YouTube came Friday after a series of troubling videos, including his Dec. 31 video featuring the body of a man who had committed suicide, a more recent video in which he joked about eating Tide Pods, and another video in which he used a Taser on dead rats.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul’s YouTube channels,” YouTube said in a statement. “This is not a decision we made lightly; however, we believe he has exhibited a pattern of behaviour in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.”

The move comes after YouTube previously removed Paul’s channels from their Google Preferred program for selected premium advertising.

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Paul apologized last month for posting the suicide video, saying that he regretted filming and posting the video to his channel.

In the weeks since his video of the dead body, Paul’s YouTube presence has grown by one million subscribers to 16.6 million.



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