Seth Meyers Spoofs Every Movie You’ve Ever Seen About Journalism With ‘Newspaper Movie’

Seth Meyers has figured out a very simple formula when it comes to making a movie about journalism.

Take men in short-sleeved dress shirts and ties, dirty styrofoam coffee cups, discussions with sources on park benches and throw in some long pauses during meetings with newspaper editors and add lots and lots of smoking and you get, well, every movie from “The Post” and “Spotlight” to “All The President’s Men”.

And “Newspaper Movie” has all the familiar tropes audiences have come to expect in a movie about newspaper writers. Like close-ups of rotary phones and a frustrated editor circling grammatical errors while under a tight deadline.

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Borrowing Robert Redford’s ’70s “All The President’s Men” aesthetic, the “Late Night” host cast himself as the dedicated, but lonely reporter on the trail of a story that could “bring down the president” in “Newspaper Movie”. It’s a film “The New York Times” calls “a non-stop thrill ride, if your idea of a thrill ride is seeing middle-aged white people typing for two hours.”

“Newspaper Movie” is the latest in a long line of Meyers’ movie spoofs, like last year’s viral “Oscar Bait” trailer which lampooned every Oscar frontrunner of the past decade.



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