Roman Polanski Rape Victim Samantha Geimer On Quentin Tarantino: ‘He Is Sincere In His Apology’

Long before Harvey Weinstein, Samantha Geimer was at the centre of one of Hollywood’s longest lasting sexual assault stories as the then-13-year-old rape victim of Roman Polanski.

In the wake of Uma Thurman’s scathing Instagram post about Harvey Weinstein in which she details her horrific on-set crash while filming “Kill Bill” for Tarantino, a 2003 interview with the “Pulp Fiction” director has resurfaced. In it, he says what Polanski did to Geimer “wasn’t rape.” Since the radio interview resurfaced, Tarantino has since apologized for his statements. Now, Geimer is addressing the director’s apology, revealing she has spoken to him this week over his comments.

“I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not upset, this and worse has been happening to me for years,” she tells IndieWire. “And mostly, I am aware that my rape is being used to attack him [Tarantino] and I really don’t like that.”

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Geimer says she was surprised Tarantino reached out to her.

“I thought that was nice. What if I was really mad? He called to face it personally,” she says, adding she believes the director feels “bad” about his 2003 comments. “I think he realizes that the things he said to be shocking involve an actual person — me — and he wasn’t thinking about that at the time. He felt bad about it,” she says.

She has accepted Tarantino’s apology on the matter, calling the director “sincere.”

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“He is sincere in his apology and I told him I felt my rape was being used to attack him by people who don’t care about what happened to me, and I do take offence to that,” she explains. “I think apologies go a long way to help the person who was wronged and the person that is apologizing. I often say I don’t need them, but in truth, they always have a positive impact. He is under a lot more scrutiny than I am. If not for Roman and Quentin’s fame, nobody would be talking to me about any of this, so their words, actions and even apologies will always be glorified and criticized. Fame magnifies everything.”

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“Talking to Quentin, I know he just wasn’t thinking and I didn’t take it personally the way he was talking on Howard Stern. But then once I saw it in writing the next day, I realized, it did make me feel better. So, apologies — I think you should take them, even if you don’t want them,” she says.

Geimer tells IndieWire she has also received an apology from Polanski. She says she always “assumed” he felt “sorry” for his actions, but his apology had a profound effect on the people in her life.

“My whole life, I assumed, of course he’s sorry. I didn’t feel like I needed that. But then when he sent that apology, I could tell it made a big difference to my mom, and my husband, some of my friends, and my kids,” Geimer. “It gave my mom some kind of relief. It was really meaningful to the other people around me who care about me, which then made it really meaningful to me.”



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