Adam Levine Admits He ‘Retreated A Lot’ From Social Media

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is better off without social media in his life.

Levine, 38, recently told Tony Fly and Symon from “Hits 1 in Hollywood” on SiriusXM about his decision to distance himself from social media.

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“I’ve retreated a lot actually,” said the singer. “And that’s an interesting conversation that’s much longer than we have but it’s basically like, I’m just sick and tired of being ruled by people’s opinion of me.”

Adding how, “I’m not gonna put myself out there until I feel like the world is a saner place where I can actually like function without having.”

“It’s not worth all the stupid, ignorant, ridiculous s**t that goes on,” continued Levine. “Everyone cares too much about [social media] and defines their whole existence on followers and how many people like you and all this stuff.”

Levine recognizes the luxury of being famous, but also understands the luxury of good mental health.

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“I know what makes me the happiest and it’s when I’m not thinking about what people think of me,” he said. “And that’s important for people to know, especially young people too. Like go outside and play.”

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