An Alliance Crumbles And The First Houseguest Is Evicted From ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s eviction episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Global!, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….













In tonight’s two-hour live special of “Celebrity Big Brother,” former UFC champion Chuck Liddell becomes the first celebrity houseguest to be knocked out of the competition, and cracks start to develop in the women’s alliance.

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When Shannon wins the Power of Veto – in the most impressive spelling victory in “Big Brother” history – it secures all the power for the ladies. However, with great power comes great “responsibilities” and the decision over whether to use the Veto or not becomes the catalyst for a major alliance implosion.

Keshia and Omarosa – the self-named BGM (Black Girl Magic) alliance – want Shannon to take Chuck off the block so that Keshia can replace him with Mark. The target would still be James, but nominating Mark would “send a message” and allow the girls to build a relationship with Chuck going forward. At this point, you have to question how many people they actually need in their alliance? There are only 11 people in the house!

Shannon, who already feels like the biggest target, states that if she uses the Veto on Chuck, she wants the chance to make amends with him first. That draws the attention of Omarosa, who calls out Shannon for only thinking about herself. All of a sudden, Shannon starts crying, and everything begins to fall apart. Keshia says that whatever the decision, the goal is still to get rid of the guys and let the best woman win, which concerns Ross.

You have to wonder what Ross expected, though? He willingly agreed to this alliance knowing that it was a girl thing from the start. Regardless, the former “Tonight Show” intern soon finds sympathetic allies in Brandi and Marissa, who are also tired of Omarosa ruling the roost. He then tells Shannon that using the Veto would be a mistake and it would only benefit Omarosa and Keshia, not her. He’s not wrong, and Shannon knows it, so she attempts to broach the subject with the group. Big mistake!

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Omarosa and Keshia are visibly annoyed and think that the “American Pie” actress is backtracking. Then Shannon gets annoyed that Ross didn’t back her up. And, to top it off, Brandi is sick of being bulldozed by Omarosa. “I’m wearing the bitch’s shoes. She’s my bitch,” the “Real Housewife” says in the Diary Room. After all the talk of being “the first-ever successful all-female alliance,” it took less than a week for it to descend into bickering and backstabbing. Even with celebrities, some things in “Big Brother” never change.

Ultimately, Shannon decides not to use the Veto, thereby keeping the nominations the same. Keshia thinks Shannon made a selfish move, only thinking about herself and not the alliance. It’s kind of hypocritical of Keshia, however, as she kept her side-deal with Chuck a secret from the larger group. Ross and Shannon think the alliance is broken beyond repair, and consider flipping the vote by making a deal with James and evicting Chuck. It’s a big move to make this early, but with Brandi, Marissa and Ariadna on board, Shannon thinks they’d be stupid to pass up the opportunity.

After wasting time talking to past “Big Brother” champions, and informing the celebrities of headlines from the outside world, it’s finally time for the live eviction. Ariadna, Brandi, Marissa, Mark, Meta, Ross, and Shannon all vote for Chuck. Omarosa is left as the sole vote for James. When Julie Chen reveals the results, Keshia looks genuinely shocked. Omarosa, meanwhile, tries to remain expressionless. The fallout of this vote is sure to cause lots of drama over the next few days.

Chuck becomes the first celebrity victim of a “Big Brother” blindside and also the first jury member. Unlike in a regular season, the jurors will not be sequestered and will get to go home and watch the season on television. That twist will undoubtedly have significant implications on determining the winner.

Who will become the next Head of Household? How will Omarosa react to the blindside? Can the women get back on the same page? Find out as “Celebrity Big Brother” continues Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.




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