Dylan Farrow Fights Back Against Suggestion She Invented Woody Allen Child Abuse Allegations

Dylan Farrow is standing by what she believes is right and will fight her detractors tooth and nail.

Woody Allen’s daughter defended her accusations of child abuse against the famed director after New York Times columnist Bret Stephens suggested she invented the story.

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“Child molestation is a uniquely evil crime,” wrote Stephens. “But accusing Woody Allen of being a molester without abundant evidence is also odious.”

To that, Farrow insisted there was plenty of evidence against Allen. “To presume I invented this story and convinced myself of it is no less insulting than calling me a liar,” she tweeted. “I’ve consistently stated the truth for 25 years, I won’t stop now. It’s Stephens’ right to doubt me if he so chooses but his incredulity doesn’t change what happened that day.”

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And Farrow is not the only person upset with Stephens’ statements. Multiple verified Twitter users criticized the op-ed, with one calling his piece “one of the most embarrassing things ever published by the New York Times.”

Take a look below for more reaction to the NYT piece on Farrow’s accusations against Allen.



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