Everybody loves The Simpsons, but a Calgary couple has taken their obsession with the iconic cartoon to a whole other level by transforming their kitchen into a real-life version of the room where Marge has toiled away over many a meal.

Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton, reports AP (via Global News), have spent some serious d’oh — about $2,300 — to replicate the Simpson kitchen in their Calgary home, including cartoonish cabinetry and even the same corncob curtains seen in the show.

Renovations are still underway, with an orange slimline telephone and avocado green appliances on the couple’s wish list.

“When I suggested to Joel I kind of want to update the kitchen — let’s do it like The Simpsons — he bought in immediately,”; Andreychuk told The National Post.

“He is a huge Simpsons fan,”; she adds. “He’s been following the show since he was the age of Bart, when the show first started, and so there was no discussion, nothing but, yes, let’s do this.”;

Check out this CBC News report on how the couple managed to turn their crazy dream into an awesome reality: