Corgis See New Popularity Inspired By ‘The Crown’

Queen Elizabeth’s favourite dog breed has been given new life, thanks to “The Crown”.

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According to The Telegraph, as recently as a few years ago the Welsh corgi dog breed was placed on an endangered list, but inspired by both the Queen herself and the Netflix drama about her life, the popularity of the breed has risen dramatically.

In 2009, the Kennel Club, which keeps an “At Watch” list of British dog breeds, counted 300-400 corgis registered by breeders in the United Kingdom. The Daily Mail reports that in 2014 the corgi on saw274 registrations, leading it to be places on the Club’s “Vulnerable Native Breeds” list.

The Welsh corgi is the Queen’s favourite breed; she has owned more than 30 of the short-legged dogs since 1933.

Renewed interest in the breed, inspired in part by the Queen, began taking hold even before “The Crown” premiered, but after the show hit, the Kennel Club said they’ve seen even more interest.

“‘The Crown’ has certainly been important in the resurgence of the corgi breed,” the Kennel Club’s David Robson told The Telegraph. “It has increased interest in the breed. Following the transmission of the second series, searches for the breed puppies on our website went up by 22 per cent.”

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Registration of the corgi went up to 465 between 2016 and 2017 when “The Crown” premiered.

Corgis are seen many times throughout “The Crown”, including a scene in the second season in which the Queen introduces Jackie Kennedy to her dogs.



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