Greta Gerwig is only the fifth woman to ever be nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards so naturally Ellen DeGeneres wanted to help prep her for her Oscars speech when she dropped by “The Ellen Show” on Monday.

“The fact that there is a woman nominated for directing means the world to me,” DeGeneres says to applause from the audience. “It’s crazy that we don’t have as many women directing movies.”

Gerwig explains that during the annual Oscar luncheon, the first-time nominees were given advice on writing their acceptance speeches. It all boils down to “keep it short.”

“‘We played Jack Nicholson off, we’ll play you off,'” Gerwig says, revealing the Academy’s advice. “I’ll prepare something but I’m also prepared for the fact that once you’re up there it all kind of is overwhelming.”

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An encouraging DeGeneres wants the director to practise her speech with the audience to help “manifest” her win on March 4.

“Is this bad karma?” a nervous Gerwig asks, pointing at an audience member who nods. “If this does curse me, will you make me an Oscar?” she asks the talk show host, as she starts her thank yous, only to be played off by a swell of music.

Whether she collects the top prize or not, Gerwig is happy to be part of the current wave of female filmmakers garnering widespread attention.

“It’s the most exciting time I’ve ever had in my life,” Gerwig tells DeGeneres, name-dropping 2017’s other prominent female filmmakers like Patty Jenkins, Dee Rees and Sofia Coppola, adding that it’s “a great time to be a female filmmaker.”

“It’s a good time to be a woman. Period. We have voices now being heard,” DeGeneres responds.

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Gerwig, 34, is also nominated for Best Original Screenplay for “Lady Bird”, which she loosely based on her own experiences as a high school student in Southern California in the early 2000s. The movie earned nominations for star Saoirse Ronan and supporting actress Laurie Metcalf as well.