John Cena Takes On Multiple Characters For Kids’ Choice Awards Promo

The only thing better than one John Cena is an entire family of John Cenas.

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In a new ad for the upcoming Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, the star gets into character as an entire family. Everyone from “Mom Cena” to “Joan Cena” and even little baby “Sean Cena.”

There’s even a little green slime-peeing dog with Cena’s head on its body.

In one of the promo’s most hilarious moments, John Cena, playing both his mom and dad, actually kisses himself. And this being the Kids Choice Awards, the WWE star and actor also gets slimed by his baby self.

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Cena is back to host the 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards for the second year in a row, airing live on March 28.



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