First Look At 6th (And Final!) Season Of ‘The Americans’

“The Americans” is preparing to debut its final season, and it’s a no-brainer that the taut espionage drama about a pair of Soviet spies masquerading as a suburban couple in the 1980s will pull out all the stops for its final episodes.

Monday brought a first look at the upcoming season, with FX dropping a brief teaser that manages to pack a lot into a mere 20 seconds.

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“There’s nothing to worry about,” says Elizabeth (Kerri Russell) in a voiceover accompanying brief snippets — including one in which she’s covered in blood, frantically trying to scrub it off as husband Phillip (Matthew Rhys) lurks on a street corner.

“This is part of it, this is what happens,” she continues, with another clip shows their FBI agent neighbour Stan (Noah Emmerich) at the scene of what appears to be a particularly violent homicide.

“You kept your cover — you handled it well,” she adds, revealing that she’s been speaking to her daughter Paige (Holly Taylor), newly recruited into the fold as a Soviet espionage asset.

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During an appearance at the recent Television Critics Association press tour, Russell reflected on the series coming to an end.

“I had no idea from the beginning that the experience that it would turn into,” she said. “And for me, playing Elizabeth, I just think as a woman, it’s been an incredible feminist role to get to play. It’s so rare to get to be so single-minded, and she is so successful in doing it. And it’s just a rare girl part. So I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’m happy it’s ending when it is, on such a high note, and while I’m still so excited and interested in the storylines of it. But it’s been a great ride.”

The swan-song season of “The Americans” premieres on Mar. 28.

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