Smashing Pumpkins Announce Reunion Tour Without Former Bassist D’Arcy Wretzky

The Smashing Pumpkins officially announced their reunion tour on Thursday, but one OG band member won’t be joining them.

“This show and staging will be unlike any we’ve ever done, and will feature a set unlike any we’ve ever played,” frontman Billy Corgan said in a press release, published by Billboard. “For if this is a chance at a new beginning, we plan on ushering it in with a real bang.”

Noticeably missing from the lineup, however, is original bassist D’arcy Wrezky.

“My apologies to all of the Smashing Pumpkins fans out there who are excited about this oncoming reunion tour of the original members of the band,” said Wretzky in a statement to BlastEcho back in January. “I know this is a huge disappointment for me, as well, but it’s not going to happen [with me].”

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Wretzky, who left the band in 1999, added: “I only just found about yesterday that the band has decided to go with a different bass player.”

Meanwhile, the band’s official website features a countdown clock, set to end Thursday, Feb. 15 at noon, when — so goes the rumour — details for the reunion tour and new album will be revealed.

In a followup conversation with BlastEcho, Wretzky expanded on her statement, explaining that she found out via Instagram photos that frontman Billy Corgan (who now goes by William Patrick Corgan) was working in the studio with original guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin.

D’Arcy says that Corgan reached out via text message to explain why she was excluded from the sessions, with Corgan texting that “there was never any decision to shut you out, or make you not welcome. It’s more about getting on the same page with [the] tour first and then the necessity of the song came up.”

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However, Wretzky tells BlastEcho, “Well, that wasn’t a real offer,” and cryptically adds that the reason why she wasn’t invited on the tour “is a whole other can of worms and a big, ugly one! Another time.”

Following Wretzky’s remarks, The Smashing Pumpkins issued a statement denying her allegations.

“In reuniting The Smashing Pumpkins, the band’s dedication remains to its fans and its music. To that, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and William Corgan haven’t played a show with D’arcy Wretzky for over 18 years,” reads the statement.

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“But it’s not for a lack of trying,” the statement continues. “For despite reports, Ms. Wretzky has repeatedly been invited out to play with the group, participate in demo sessions, or at the very least, meet face-to-face, and in each and every instance she always deferred. We wish her all the best, and look forward to reconnecting with you all very soon.”

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