Goldie Hawn Opens Up About ‘Horrible Experiences’ With Sexual Harassment

Goldie Hawn says she faced “horrible” sexual harassment in her years coming up as a dancer and an actress.

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Speaking to CNBC, the 72-year-old “Private Benjamin” star opened up about the #MeToo movement and her own experiences.

“Sexual harassment unfortunately has been there forever,” Hawn said.

“I had some horrible experiences, as a young dancer in New York City, I mean I’ll top all of them,” she added.

Hawn explained that she was able to get through it in large part thanks to how her parents raised her. “I had a very strong mom, a very strong dad and I had a lot of resilience and I really knew who I was,” she explained, “and you know the answer was always no I’ll never get a job like that. A lot of girls don’t.”

The actress also described being “attacked” in “a dark room.”

“You got to wiggle your way out of it,” Hawn said. “It’s pretty bad.”

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“I don’t know what this entitlement is,” she continued. “I think we’re actually seeing a lot of illness connected to it now. So this is partially an illness, not just a proclivity or just a feeling of need to do this.”

Hawn said of sexual harassers and assaulters: “I think it has to do with narcissism, an ability to think that they’re invincible and they pretty much can do whatever they want to do.”



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