Jerry Seinfeld Goes On ‘Ellen’ For The First Time Ever

Jerry Seinfeld has finally done what he should have done a long time ago: he visited Ellen.

The comedian appeared for the first time ever on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Tuesday, and he brought along a clip from an upcoming episode of his Netflix series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” featuring the host herself.

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“You’ve got an amazing crowd,” Seinfeld said, commenting on the energy from DeGeneres’ audience. “These people are fabulous.”

“I can’t believe this has been your whole life for 15 years, and this is my first time,” he added.

DeGeneres explained that the two live on opposite coasts, and that Seinfeld is always too busy working.

In the “Comedians in Cars” clip, Seinfeld loses his car keys. “See, I told you, you shouldn’t leave your keys in the car,” DeGeneres says.

After Seinfeld searches around a bit, DeGeneres reaches under her seat and pulls them out. “It was to teach you a lesson,” she says. “I could have let that go longer.”

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Later in the show, DeGeneres asked Seinfeld about the possibility of a “Seinfeld” reboot.

“It’s possible,” he responded, to the sounds of the audience cheering.



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