’13 Reasons Why’ Author Jay Asher Expelled From Writers Organization Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Best-selling author Jay Asher, who penned “Thirteen Reasons Why“, has been expelled from The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators over sexual harassment allegations.

Executive director Lin Oliver told The Associated Press on Monday that Asher had violated the society’s harassment code.

The society banned Asher last year but the news only came to light with the rise of the #MeToo movement. Asher and prize-winning illustrator David Diaz, who was also kicked out of the organization, were mentioned frequently in a recent comment thread on School Library Journal about harassment in children’s publishing.

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“Both Jay Asher and David Diaz were found to have violated the SCBWI code of conduct in regard to harassment,” Oliver wrote in an email. “Claims against them were investigated and, as a result, they are no longer members and neither will be appearing at any SCBWI events in the future.”

Diaz won the prestigious Caldecott medal for illustration for the 1994 book “Smoky Night”. Diaz has worked on dozens of books, including “Me, Frida” and “The Little Scarecrow Boy”.

Asher is best known for his novel “Thirteen Reasons Why” and “The Future of Us”. The author told Buzzfeed News on Monday that he left the organization voluntarily and now feels “thrown under the bus.”

“It’s very scary when you know people are just not going to believe you once you open your mouth,” he said. “I feel very conflicted about it just because of what’s going on in the culture and who’s supposed to be believed and who’s not.”

“I understand the predicament they’re in with everything going on and to want to protect themselves,” Asher said, adding with regard to his accusers, “The truth is that I had been harassed by these people for close to 10 years. And I just could not deal with it anymore.”

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Later on Monday, the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation said that Asher would not be giving a scheduled keynote address at its conference in May.

“Mr. Asher has denied the accusations, but in the end understood our decision to go in a different direction,” said the federation’s publicity director, author Jennifer McMurrain.

“Thirteen Reasons Why” was Asher’s first book. The 2007 novel about a high school student’s suicide, adapted last year into a Netflix series, has attracted attention for its explicit content, including assault and harassment. Netflix is planning to bring “Thirteen Reasons Why” back in 2018, but hasn’t set a date.

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