Ashley Graham Hits The Road With Designer Michael Kors For The ‘Kors Commute’

Jerry Seinfeld may have cornered the market on driving around with comedians in cars getting coffee, but fashion designer Michael Kors has taken things one step further by driving around with models in a limo.

That’s the basis for the “Kors Commute”, a new YouTube feature the designer has launched for New York Fashion Week, and he’s joined by Ashley Graham for the inaugural edition.

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During their drive through the streets of Manhattan, Graham reveals that she was discovered in a mall when she was just 12, prompting Kors to ask her what she thinks she’d be doing today had her life gone in a different direction.

“I mean, my mother always told me that I wanted to be a cab driver,” she tells him with a laugh. “I started driving a tractor at 14 years old.”

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When Kors asks Graham to identify her favourite hangout spot in New York, she cracks him up by quipping, “My apartment! I’m an old lady.”

Check out the entire video above.

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