Cam Talks Single ‘Diane’: ‘There Is Discrimination Against Women’

Singer-songwriter Cam released her hit single “Diane” early October and her fans are showing their appreciation by sharing their stories.

The 33-year-old opens up to ET Canada’s Matte Babel in Nashville revealing she wrote her new single “Diane” based on a friend’s experience with infidelity.

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Cam explains she has an email address called “Dear Diane” at, this email address is an outlet for people who are suffering with similar issues and are able to send their stories.

“There is discrimination against women – like, I’m not a dude and I understand that now and I think me waking up to that – helps me realize that what I have to deal with, in my ‘difficult time getting up a country radio chart’ is pretty much nothing compared to what a lot of people have to deal with – all day, every day for their entire lives,” she adds.

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The “Diane” hit-maker expresses to Babel that she was headed towards a completely different career in psychology and when she got into music she never thought she’d end up where she is today. She thought she’d “just be a writer, and hopefully at some point… make enough to just get by.” Cam eventually started singing her own songs and soon had a label come on board.

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Cam says she feels music is there for audiences to relate to. “People come up to me all the time and talk about how ‘Mayday’ helped them get them through the divorce, a huge amount of healing – which music is for and that’s a success.”




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