Chris Rock Calls Himself A ‘F**king A**hole,’ Admits He Cheated On His Ex-Wife With Three Women

Chris Rock does not hold back in his newly-released Netflix stand-up special “Chris Rock: Tambourine”, with him telling the audience that he cheated on his wife three times while on tour.

Rock, 53, who divorced his ex-wife of 16 years, Malaak Compton, 48, in 2016, called himself an “a**hole” and said the last few years have been “crazy.”

The comedian admitted in his first stand-up special in nearly a decade: “You don’t wanna get divorced. You got somebody you love? Hold tight, commit.”

He continued, “It’s my fault because I’m a f**king a**hole. I didn’t listen. I wasn’t kind. I had an attitude. I thought, ‘I pay for everything, I can do what I want.’ That s**t don’t f**king work. I just thought I was the s**t. I didn’t play the tambourine.”

Rock went on to say “guys cheat because they want something new.” However, he insisted it’s not a good new.

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He said of being caught cheating, “Your woman finds out and now she’s new. She is never the same again. So now you have new, but you had a bad new.”

“Some of these lessons you’ve just got to learn. Like, I brought this s**t on myself. Nobody told me to go ho up. I brought this s**t on myself, and you’ve got to learn some lessons, some man lessons.”

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The special also saw Rock discuss his addiction to pornography, admitting he was “so f**ked up” but “is a lot better” now.

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