CBS’s hit drama “The Good Wife”; got a lot of heat last May when the final episode showed the series bosses, Alicia Florrick and Kalinda Sharma, sharing a scene after not doing so for over 50 episodes. 

Not only that, but the scene was shot with the two actresses’, Archie Panjabi and Julianna Margulies, not in the same room together, but made to look as they were.

Creators, Michelle and Robert King have finally broken their silence in an interview with TV Line where Robert said it was never their intent to disappoint fans.

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“Fans can feel what they want and we respect them because they keep the show on the air, but I hope they don’t feel duped,”; Robert said. 

Michelle added, We are certainly never ever hoping to hurt the fans’ feelings or make them feel like that trust has been broken. But we’re making the show every day using tricks, like if you’re in a car and there’s green screen and it looks like Chicago out the window but that’s not exactly where we are.”;

“That’s an everyday, run-of-the-mill thing on the show,”; she said.

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Robert stressed that “The Good Wife”;  is played off of real life, when real issues become intertwined into the show.

“We’re writers and we love writing these characters, so we were thrilled at any chance to have new dynamics. We have always played off of [real]-life, like when we [lose] a character [i.e. when Josh Charles left the show] or when an actress is pregnant [like Melissa George]… we write it into the show. We want Alicia to be dealing with the same things we deal with. [Laughs] We just play off of life.”;

The Kings refused to get into the gossip of show stating that reporters have been on set to see how the filming goes down, proving there’s nothing to hide.

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“Just so we’re clear, Josh wasn’t really killed. We faked those gunshots. We fake everything in the show, so I can address this on a storytelling level that there was no intent ever to dupe the viewers. We’ll be an open book there. But when it attaches to gossip, part of the privacy of the set and the privacy of what we do on the set, allowed us to keep secret the fact that Josh was leaving for almost a year before we showed that episode. Part of the shock was that we had such a tight, close-knit set — [The Good Wife cast and crew] know the difference between storytelling and who we are as human beings,”; he said.

“And we benefit from that because we’re allowed to have reveals be secretive. I do know what you are going after, and the only thing I will address is the storytelling. The mechanics of how we do our show is its own thing and we’re usually an open book about it, until it comes down to gossip.”;