Ed Sheeran Promises New Album Won’t Be Pop, Opens Up About Pressure To Lose Weight

Ed Sheeran has no interest in conforming to anyone’s expectations.

Appearing on the “George Ezra & Friends” podcast, the 26-year-old musician talked about his plans for his next album and opened up about dealing with his weight.

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Asked about his next album, Sheeran explained that he’s not looking to go in a bigger, more pop direction.

“The next record that I’m making is not a pop album. I feel like it’s dangerous to have a career that goes bigger and bigger, because at some point it’s gonna drop,” he said. “If the next album does, like, 2 or 1 [million], or 500,000, it’s not a failure because I’ve made an album where I’m not trying to get there. No one’s going to be like, ‘that’s a flop.’”

“The label hate that. The label really f***ing hate that. They want a big pop album again but I think that s***’s dangerous,” Sheeran added.

Sheeran’s most recent album “Divide” has sold millions of copies around the world, and spawned “Shape of You”, the most-streamed song of 2017 on Spotify.

The singer also talked about how he’s come to stop worrying about the pressure to lose weight in the music industry.

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Sheeran said that earlier in his career the pressure to lose weight was strong, especially when he looked at other singers like the members of One Direction.

“I was like, ‘they’re so photogenic and they’ve got six packs… and I should look like that,’” Sheeran said. “But should I actually care if I’m fat or not? No-one’s bought my records based on me looking a certain way.”

“But as soon as you become in the public eye and people start picking holes in you, you start thinking things are bad for you. Like, ‘Am I fat?'” he added.

After first trying to shed pounds with various diets, Sheeran said he now follows the method of simply “eat what you want” and then exercise every day.



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