BTS Talk Mental Health In Candid Interview, Admit ‘Every Day Is Stressful For Our Generation’

BTS open up about the importance of mental health awareness in a candid new interview with Billboard.

The group, which consists of V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM and J-Hope, insist they want their army of fans to realize they know the pressures individuals are facing every day.

Suga explains: “I really want to say that everyone in the world is lonely and everyone is sad. And if we know that everyone is suffering and lonely, I hope we can create an environment where we can ask for help, and say things are hard when they’re hard, and say that we miss someone when we miss them.”

Credit: Billboard magazine
Credit: Billboard magazine

The band, who regularly address social issues in their songs, went on to speak specifically about fellow K-pop singer Kim Jong-hyun, better known as Jonghyun, who committed suicide in December 2017.

RM shares, “We went to give our condolences that morning. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. It was so shocking, because we had seen him so often at events. He was so successful.”

RM, short for Rap Monster, continues: “Honestly, from our standpoint, every day is stressful for our generation. It’s hard to get a job, it’s harder to attend college now more than ever… Adults need to create policies that can facilitate that overall social change.”

Credit: Billboard magazine
Credit: Billboard magazine

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“Right now, the privileged class, the upper class needs to change the way they think,” RM adds, before Suga jumps in: “And this isn’t just Korea, but the rest of the world. The reason why our music resonates with people around the world who are in their teens, 20s and 30s is because of these issues.”

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The group also open up about supporting LGBTQ rights in the tell-all interview with the magazine, with Suga insisting: “There’s nothing wrong [with gay marriage.] Everything is equal.”



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