Will Arnett has returned to his hometown of Toronto where ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante caught up with the actor to get the details on “Arrested Development” season five.

“We are shooting, we’ve been shooting ‘Arrested Development’. We are almost finished. I’ve been saying that since about 2005,” he jokes. “We are finishing up the fifth season of ‘Arrested Development’ and it’s been really really fun and that’s been going on for a few months.”

On a break from filming, Arnett returned to Toronto to visit his investment, Mad Crush Wine Bar. It’s one of several restaurants in the city Arnett has a stake in as a business partner. While in Toronto, the voice of LEGO Batman himself addressed the lack of an Academy Award nomination for “The LEGO Batman Movie” in the Best Animated Feature category.

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“It would have been great for the film to be recognized. Chris McKay, who directed it, did such an amazing job,” he says. “And this is not a knock to other movies that are nominated – that’s neither here nor there – but it would have been nice if we had been recognized.”

But the Oscar snub isn’t getting Arnett down.

“But at the end of the day also who cares,” he laughs. “I mean you know it’s all so unbelievably subjective and there’s so much other stuff at play.”

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