Country singer Kane Brown was discovered online two years ago from the various covers he had posted on social media platforms.

The 24-year-old sits down with ET Canada’s Matte Babel in Nashville to talk about his journey after getting discovered.

Coming from a rough childhood, being raised by his single mother and being homeless at times, Brown expresses how he’s finally at a good place and his mom is really happy.

“She loves it. She just says, she’s happy that I’m not going to have to suffer like we used to whenever I was younger,” Brown explains.

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The “Heaven” singer is a big family man and wants to keep doing his best so he can help with with whatever his family needs.

“It’s like, the roles aren’t reversed because she’s still my mom but like, I can help her out whenever she needs it now, which is awesome,” he says. “You know, I can help my whole family because my Nana was a big part of my life too and I can help her whenever she needs it.”

The growing artist might not look like the stereotypical country singer and wants to move forward by being different.

“I think it’s awesome just because I’m different. It takes a lot of people some time to get used to it, but once they get used to it, it starts to grow and I feel like it’s honestly helped me a lot just being different,” says Brown.

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Although the country crooner has received exposure through his social media platforms, he says he feels that spending less time on the platforms has helped him focus.

“Honestly, it’s helped me and my relationship with my fiance – just not being on my phone 24/7,” Brown admits.

The “What’s Mine is Yours” hitmaker has written a few songs for his fiance and she loves them.

“She really likes a song I wrote called ‘What’s Mine Is Yours’, I wrote that for her basically,” he concludes.