Lil Pump was arrested on Thursday (February 15) after allegedly discharging a weapon in his home in San Fernando Valley, California, according to TMZ.

The 17-year-old rapper’s manager apparently told law enforcement that three men tried to break into the house and that one of them fired a bullet through the front door before fleeing the scene. Pump’s manager was not at the home during the incident but was relaying details to the police after talking with Pump.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the hole in the front door but also holes in the “Gucci Gang” hitmaker’s story. Police believed the bullet’s trajectory indicated that the shot was fired from inside the house. Pump, who police said had been smoking marijuana, told the officers that he did fire a gun at the would-be intruders “out of fear they were about to gain entry to the apartment.”

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The police later returned with a search warrant and found a handgun in the bushes outside Pump’s apartment. They also found ammunition inside the residence. Police believed that Pump had fired the shot and arrested him for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place.

Pump was reportedly held in a juvenile detention facility but has since been released. TMZ cameras caught up with the rapper leaving the detention center on Thursday afternoon, where he was quick to show off his newly acquired ankle monitor.

“Hey, man, we got rich lawyers. Real lawyers. The best lawyers in the planet,” he told the cameras, before rapping, “House arrest, house arrest, house arrest, house arrest. Pop two Xans and I passed the test! Gucci Gang tat on the f**king chest!”

Watch the video of Pump leaving the detention facility above.