The list of dozens of women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault now has two more. One woman says what happened to her was “the most horrifying thing that could happen to an innocent young woman.”

According to The Wrap, during a press conference in New York with attorney Gloria Allred, a woman by the name of Elizabeth told a story of when she was “barely 20 years old”; working as a flight attendant.

Cosby was on route to Los Angeles from New York when he gave Elizabeth his number inviting her to the Playboy mansion “to lay out in the sun while he played tennis with James Brown.”

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Elizabeth ended up going, where the two went for dinner to a restaurant called Tokyo KaiKan.

“I did not drink or use drugs. But he insisted I try the sake,”; Elizabeth said, adding that the drink was already poured.

Elizabeth then explained how she was in a trance-like state. Even though she said she needed to return back to her hotel, they went back to Cosby’s hotel where she changed into a robe.

“He made me kneel down,” she explained. “I don’t want to repeat what happened next. All I know is that it was the most horrifying thing that could happen to an innocent young woman.”

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She added that she was vomiting profusely in a Rolls-Royce back to her hotel.

“I was so drugged up and sick that the driver had to escort me to my room,” Elizabeth said. “I was sicker than I had ever been in my life.”

Another woman by the name of Charlotte Fox spoke at the conference. Fox met Cosby while working as an extra on “Uptown Saturday Night”;.

Fox explained that Cosby invited her to a local jazz club, then to the Playboy mansion.

She said that she began to feel sick at the mansion and barely remembered coming back from the washroom.

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“The next thing I remember was that I was sort of awake, in a bed, with no clothes on and there was Mr. Cosby, in a robe, crawling from the bottom of the bed,”; she said. “I was incapacitated and couldn’t say no. He engaged in sexual activity with me. It was not consensual.”