Celine Dion Opens Up About Late Husband Rene Angelil: ‘The Only Man I Ever Loved’

Celine Dion sat down for a candid interview with Australian TV news show “The Project”, opening up about the grief she still feels over the death of husband Rene Angelil, who passed away in January 2016 after a battle with cancer.

In the interview, Dion discussed how hard it was for her to watch her husband in pain during his final years.

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“For three years my husband did not have a sip of water or food. He was eating through a tube,” said Dion (as reported by the Daily Mail).

“The only thing I hoped while he was in three years of agony, I wanted him to live in peace. I wanted him to feel so light and no worries,” she added. “He had a little heart attack, it’s so quick, he didn’t even feel anything. I thought that he was like liberated from his pain.”

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Angelil discovered Dion when she was just 12 and became her manager, mortgaging his house in order to record her first album. When it came to their eventual romance, however, Dion admitted her mother was not immediately on board with the relationship.

“I fell in love with him immediately,” said Dion. “Not in the romance way, I was 12 years old. I was in love with the way he treated everyone around me, including my whole family and myself.”

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When they did become romantically involved, Dion admitted she had to convince her mother that Angelil was “the one,” despite their 26-year age difference.

“Because it was not the person that she wanted for me,” she said. “And I don’t blame her… I said mum, I really love him. It hurts inside.”

Dion added: “He taught me everything. He’s the only man I’ve seen. The only man I’ve loved. The only man I’ve kissed.”

Check out Dion teasing the interview for Australian viewers:

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