Country Singer Cam Calls Out Her Genre For Lack Of Female Representation

Cam believes country music has women pegged all wrong.

The Grammy-nominated singer fired shots at her genre over the lack of female representation, offering a reality check for country music executives.

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Cam accused country executives of believing the genre’s core female fanbase almost exclusively want swoon-worthy male artists.

“The majority of country listeners are female (actually true) but apparently we prefer listening [to] male singers so we can ‘dream about them being [our] boyfriend’ (actually said to me),” she tweeted. “Only a dumb person buys music solely based on their sex drive,” she wrote.


Cam called for a shift in perception: “It’s educating the gatekeepers about the false biases they have.”

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“Not all women listen to music the same way (duh there are billions of us),” she wrote.

Fun Fact: Zero women were nominated for Entertainer of the Year at November’s CMAs. No woman has won the award since Taylor Swift took home the honour in 2011.

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