You won’t believe the stones on the U.S. men’s curling team.

Former “Cheers” actress Kirstie Alley labelled curling a “boring” sport on Twitter. Unfortunately, her statement awakened the wrath of the curling team.

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The U.S. men’s curling team fired back with a remark so explosive only the cool surface of an ice rink could tend to the actress’ third-degree burn.


Sticks and curling stones may break her bones, but those words definitely stung.

An army of Twitter users chimed in, waiting in nail-biting anticipation to see what sort of response Alley, 67, could muster.

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Including one Mr. T, who said, “I pity the fool who don’t like curling. Grr!”

Ultimately, Alley succumbed to the U.S. team’s savagery and waved the white flag.

The two sides ended the conversation on a friendly note, with the U.S. team offering to show Alley and her son “the ropes” and send them an official team T-shirt.

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