Andrew Garfield Reflects On Broadway Play Angels In America, Says ‘There Is No Humanity In Politics Right Now’

Andrew Garfield’s leading role in the upcoming Broadway play Angels in America helped him reflect on the state of the union.

“Every week there’s going to be people coming into the theatre with new rage,” Garfield told Variety in a new interview. “There’s no humanity in politics right now, especially on the right. It’s evident we’re in trouble. There need to be new laws. There needs to be a new regime created.”

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Tying his political views to his new play, Garfield said, “There’s this extremism on all sides right now, and I think what [playwright] Tony [Kushner] gives us at the end of this play is a balanced vision of a future that’s led by deep listening, compassion, community, empathy, and awareness of our interconnectedness. And I guess, ultimately, love.”

Garfield, 34, graces the magazine’s cover with Kushner. The actor also reflected on Angels in America and the intensity of working a marathon play.

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“There’s something about the exhaustion. It’s like doing a sweat lodge. Because it’s seven and a half hours, you never have a great show,” confessed Garfield. “We all come out at the end of a two-show day and go, ‘It was f**king great, and it was f**king awful.’

“But as soon as I start to feel sorry for myself that I’ve been given this duty of attempting to make sense of this play and give it to people, I immediately get knocked sideways. I go, ‘Shut the f**k up.’ This is such a privilege to honour the souls that didn’t make it through and to honour the souls that did.”

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