Wendy Williams Takes Extended Leave From Talk Show To Address Graves’ Disease

Wendy Williams is putting her health first.

The talk show host revealed to her audience during Wednesday’s broadcast that she will be taking a three-week leave from work due to Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism.

In a statement, a rep for “The Wendy Williams Show” says, “Wendy is a true champion and has never missed a day of work. But her health and well-being must be put before all else. Wendy has been openly dealing with her Graves’ Disease for many years in addition to hyperthyroidism.  Yesterday, Wendy’s doctor prescribed a necessary three weeks of rest to get her levels and medication in sync. The show will be in repeats during this unplanned hiatus.  A live show was produced today so that Wendy could speak directly to her fans and explain her condition.”

The news comes one week after Williams was forced to cancel three days of tapings due to flu-like symptoms, insisting she had to be “talked out of” going to work.

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In October, the 53-year-old also made news when she fainted during a live taping of her show, later returning to the air to explain she “overheated” in her Halloween costume.

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Williams has spoken about these conditions before. Last year, she told People that the hair thinning caused by her thyroid disease is the reason for her larger-than-life wig collection.



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