Harvey Weinstein Attorney Argues Gwyneth Paltrow ‘Not So Offended’ That She Refused To Work With Him

Harvey Weinstein is fighting back against a class action lawsuit filed against him and The Weinstein Company over years of alleged sexual harassment and assault, and he’s using the actions of his accusers and the words of women in Hollywood to support his case.

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According to The Blast and Deadline, the producer’s attorney filed documents with the court specifically cited Gwyneth Paltrow working with Weinstein even after his alleged harassment as reason to dismiss the case.

“Gwyneth Paltrow was allegedly harassed during the filming of Emma in 1994 … Yet, Paltrow went on to star in another Weinstein production — Shakespeare In Love,” the attorney said. “Paltrow was not so offended that she refused to work with Weinstein again, nor did her career suffer as a result of her rebuffing his alleged advances.”

The attorney also referenced actress Jennifer Lawrence, who in an interview with Oprah Winfrey said she had known Weinstein for 20 years and “he had only ever been nice to me,” as well as Meryl Streep’s public statement that “Weinstein had always been respectful to her in their working relationship.”

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Further, the attorney argued that Weinstein’s alleged actions don’t meet the standard of “sexual contact” under the law.

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